design iterations

Project Overview

I incorporated a small independent studio under OBVIO Studio Inc. for any freelancing work that may come my way. And of course was thrilled to come up with a logo for it. Above is the logo I designed and below is a breakdown of what went into designing the logo.


From the very beginning I knew I wanted a bold typeface. Something that would make a strong statement.

I looked at a few other designs for inspiration and narrowed them down to 3 of my favorites; Dustin Curtis’ Svbtle.com logo, Noah Stoke’s hellobold.com logo, and North Technologies’ logo.

design iterations

Design Iterations

Here are a few design iterations. Arial Black with a bold weight worked really well for what I was looking for.

Color here was pretty simple. I already knew coming into creating the logo that I wanted a black and white color scheme.

design iterations

I was also looking to have a symbol that can play well with social media avatars. So I decided I can take the “O” in Obvious and make that a standalone logo as well.

At first I started with a thin lightning bolt, but quickly noticed that it was a mismatch with the rest of the heavier weight elements.

Sidenote: I originally wanted to name the company Obvious, but I went with OBVIO. I dig it.

design iterations